Do your computer need More Memory ( RAM)?

Most computer users think increasing the RAM can increase the SPEED of the computer.If a computer starts feeling slow, there could be many reasons for it.Even you can increase the paging file of your system to increase the speed, but most computer users don’t know how to check and see if RAM is the cause of the slowdown.

Others believe that the more RAM you add to a computer, the faster it will go. This is not so… if your PC normally uses, say, 600Mb RAM while you use it, then increasing RAM froComputer RAMm 1000Mb to 2000Mb will have no effect on the speed.
In order to knowIf the computer needs more RAM, A freeware utility called Hym. You can download HYM from here

Just download it to on to your desktop, run it, and you will get a “yes / no / maybe” answer to the question of “do you need more RAM?

If you run a wide variety of programs, then you can minimize HYM to the task tray, and keep an eye on your RAM usage as you work/play.

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