How to Configure Printer for SMTP Relay to Scan and send Email?

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Multi-function Printer have to be configured with SMTP Relay without any user authentication for validation. Today we will learn how to configure printer for SMTP Relay toΒ  Scan and send Email.

Steps to configure Printer for SMTP Relay to Scan and send Email :

Configure Printer for SMTP Relay to Scan and send Email



1) Login to exchange Office 365 Portal With your Credentials, then navigate to Domains >> DNS
Note down the MX record

2) Now Login to your Online Admin Portal Center with your login credentials, then navigate to Mail flow, Click on connector > Add a new Connector>
use these settings : From : Your organization’s email server ; To : Office 365

  • Specify a name for the connector and leave other settings to default, then click Next
    In this Window – How should Office365 identify email from your email server?
  • Choose the option By Verifying that the IP Address of the sending server matches one of these IP addresses that belongs to your organization. click the “+” and add the IP address of your server, Click Next and complete the configuration.

On the printer, configure SMTP Details:

Key-in these details to the printer

  • Server Name =
  • Port = 25
  • TLS = Enabled
  • Email Address = specify an email address to identify that mail was sent from Printer.

For an Application to use SMTP Relay use the server name and port number without any user details.

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