Converting M4a to Mp3 – Free tool

M4A is a container format for audio files. It is based on Apple’s Quicktime container format and is a part of MPEG-4. As a rule, M4A contains only audio, but the format itself is identical to MP4 that can contain video as well. Among slight variations of the same format are M4V (for video), M4B (audio books) and some others.

M4A audio files are pretty popular at computers and other devices from Apple. But players from other manufacturers may prefer a number of different formats. If you want your music to be readily played on any computer or other multimedia device, you may think about converting M4A files to even more popular and widely supported MP3 format.

Download the software click Converting M4a to Mp3 Install the software and follow the instruction on the screen.

convert m4a to mp3 free tool

Add the M4a files and convert to Mp3 format.

Enjoy your favourite music.

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