How do you delete a media set in Veritas Back up Exec 10?

I configuring a BackUp system which involves an existing installation of Veritas back up exec 10. I notice that the media sets “delete” option is grayed out.
How can I delete the media sets?
Also, what do you recommend I use for settings for the overwrite protection? If it’s on full protect, can it still overwrite after the overwrite period has expired

In Veritas Backup Exec 10, go to Media section, Media set.
If you have any congifured media set and would like to delete that, first move the media lable to scratch media or Retire Media, depending on the tape. If the tape is no longer used move to retire media, if not move to scratch media.

Veritas Back up Exec 10

Once you complete moving all the media lables, then right click on the meid set delete option will be enabled.

Configure your Backup jobs To Append to media, overwrite if no appendable media is available

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