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There’s a new app in our store that looks like a really awesome new desktop tool for your BlackBerry. The app gives you an incredible amount of control over your device from your desktop, including the ability to BBM from your PC. With your keyboard and mouse, SOTI Pocket Controller gives you 10 products in 1 including:
1. Real-Time Remote Control (e.g. BBM from your Desktop)
2. Presentation Tools
3. Training Tools
4. File Synchronization
5. Service Book Support
6. Explore Tool
7. Task List
8. System Information
9. Screen/Video Capture
10. Printing
Each of these tools has its own feature set and together it all makes for a very powerful solution. Head over to the store and learn about each of these tools including in the SOTI Pocket Controller Pro solution.

β€’ Device Alert Profile Integration with Monitor – AstraSync now works with Monitor (A new monitoring program for BlackBerry) to give closer integration with the device OS. Providing better network availability awareness, faster performance and integrated device profile alerts for new messages including;
o Status bar unread count
o Icon notification β€˜Splat’
o LED notification
o Device audio profile integrated alerts
β€’ Create Meeting Requests – You can now create a new meeting request and send it to the attendees direct from Astra Sync.
β€’ Email Content Encryption – Email message data is now encrypted on the device, providing greater security should your device be lost or stolen.
β€’ Kinetic Scrolling – message lists in Astra Sync now support kinetic scrolling to make navigating large folders faster and easier.
β€’ Message Store – AstraSync 4.2 includes a completely new message store system providing faster access to messages while taking up less device memory.
β€’ Power User Options – More performance settings have been added for power users including control of Direct Push behavior, email truncation size, PIM status checks and AutoDiscover

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