A Detection Tool to check Fake USB Flash Device

Portal USB flash drive are now days common usage for data transfer and storage. It is recognized as a removable drive by computers.

Flash drives are compact,faster, huge data storage and easy to carry. Their capacity ranges from  1GB, to  32GB too as at the moment there are really numerous types of USB forces which you could buy in the particular market. they  have in build security feature to login to drive to check the storage data.

Portal USB devices are in huge demand, now there is a threat that there are  fake memory drives which are available in market with low-cost prize. fake usb flash drive performance is very low, copying of files slow, detecting by the computer very slow. Overall the performance of the device will very slow.

A Detection Tool to check Fake USB Flash Device

One Tool can help you in detecting the fake USB flash device.
H2testw is a free tool that can be utilised to test for Counterfeit or Fake USB flash drive, and check out your USB Flash Generate for glitches. It operates by filling the chosen target drive with exam information after which reads this data back to verify it. You need to most likely duplicate your data elsewhere prior to carrying out this examination around the USB Drive, or you could chance losing data.

A Detection Tool to check Fake USB Flash Device
Authors Website:  www.heise.de/software/download/h2testw/50539
Extracted Size: 438 KB

License: Freeware
Download:  Grab this Fake USB Flash Drive Detection Tool  Click here

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