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Be crypt DISK Protect Tool  Review  :

DISK Protect tool gives complete peace of mind that data held on laptops and PCs is fully protected in the event of loss or theft. The hard drive is transparently encrypted, with no impact on performance. Using strong user authentication, unauthorized access is prevented. Even when the PC is disposed of, and specialist recovery tools are used, the data remains safe. DISK Protect has been engineered so that it is easy to deploy and manage, while users will detect no difference in the performance of PC. It provides full encryption with no disruption to working practices.

DISK Protect tool can also encrypt the data on removable media such as, Fire wire, USB devices, SD cards, other mass storage devices and local disks.

DISK Protect tool is easy to deploy and manage. When combined with Becrypt Enterprise Manager, DISK Protect can be deployed throughout an organization with little or no disruption to business activities. The package can be deployed to thousands of users in the organization quickly; laptops and PCs can be secured within hours.

How does Be crypt  works ?

Be crypt DISK Protect works by encrypting every section of the hard drive, preventing unauthorized access to anyone accessing the files without permission. DISK Protect provides strong authentication to load the operating system and access user files and it will allow users to protect their existing and any new data without causing any impact on day to day operations. The product can be installed at any time, and will encrypt data while the user works.

Once installed, all read/write requests are decrypted/encrypted on the fly without user interaction, allowing users to continue to use the system as normal. Enterprise management software allows recovery data and audit logs to be recorded centrally, while the deployment can take Place with no user interaction required, preventing any down time of equipment.


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