Enabling browser to save text and images from website

One of the user came up with browser problem that he is not able to save text or image from a website. This was quite interesting problem which i came across and being a Techie guy was also challenging one.
The Websites which do not allow you to copy image or text they just block the images and texts. This is done in order to make a unique site and do not allow their posts to be published somewhere else.
Websites like dating, photography and good content sites disabled right click option but this method can can easily copy any text or images from any websites.

Previously we used to right click on any image and clicked on save option to save the image in our hard drive. Now almost all the website uses a simple javascripts to oppose us in doing so. The javascripts varies with the web browsers and thus the trick varies from web browsers to web browsers.

For Mozilla Firefox users:
* Click on Tools and then Option
* Select the Content tab
* You will find a checked option named Enable JavaScript, uncheck it
* Close the browser and start Firefox again

For Internet Explorer users:

* Click on Tools and then again click on Internet options
* Select the Security Tab and click on custom level.
* Scroll up to the scripts.
* Then you just have to disable it.
* Close the internet explorer browser and then again open it and the changes will take effect

Once you have fulfilled your work by disabling the java scripts, make sure to enable the java scripts again.

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