Firefox Crashes

Firefox crashes when you open or Swap Tabs or just crashes on it own.

When firefox crashes you can see that

firefox Crashing         Firefox has encountered a problem and needs to close

         Mozilla Crash Reporter

          Firefox crashes due to  addons of toolbars or plugins.







This Program menu in our computer lists two short cuts for Mozilla  Firefox. The very first is obviously one which begins our
Opera browser. Oddly, we couldn’t care less concerning the second one. What’s Mozilla Opera safe mode? Mozilla Firefox  (Safe Mode) becomes the
following resort once the regular browser comes crashes lower.

Firefox in safe mode  troubleshoot  these

  1. A diagnostic tool to troubleshoot issues with add-ons, themes or toolbars especially after upgrades.
  2. compare the extension-loaded Firefox with the default clean slate version of the browser.
  3. compare speeds if there’s a worry about performance.
  4. pin down conflicting issues n the user settings (about:config tweakings) after an upgrade.
  5. Restore to  default installed state.

Mozilla Firefox Safe Mode gives us a window to start over (temporarily) by disabling add-ons and resetting (permanently)
other settings to defaults. By comparing the performance, we can narrow down and fix the cause of any problem.

Firefox crashing setting to defaults


There are two ways  we can start Firefox in Safe Mode (Windows) ““

  • From Start ““ All Programs (Programs
    in windows7) ““ Mozilla Firefox – Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)
  • From Start ““ Run ““ Type
    firefox.exe -safe-mode
    . Hit OK.
    (or “C:Program
    FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” -safe-mode

Other Operating system path are :

Linux ““
use Terminal and type in /path/to/firefox/firefox

Mac OS X
““ open Terminal and type in /Applications/

Restoring teh setting to default will  fix the Firefox Crashes problems.

The first great thing about Firefox is that it is relatively non-buggy. The second good thing is that the Mozilla Firefox Safe Mode is absolutely straightforward. And the third, with Mozilla’s rich gallery of add-ons – even if one fails, there’s an alternative

Notes: AdapterVendorID: 8086, AdapterDeviceID: 2e12, AdapterDriverVersion: Firefox
ReleaseChannel: release
SecondsSinceLastCrash: 391
StartupTime: 1314084164
SystemMemoryUsePercentage: 35
Theme: classic/1.0
Throttleable: 1
TotalVirtualMemory: 4294836224


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