Fix Cisco WebEx Connect Problem for Windows 7

Windows 7 computers face a weird problem with Cisco webex connect, when trying to login with username and password, all of sudden the cisco webex connect application vanishes and could not be found on the taskbar or even in the taskmanager. The application does not run and  could not connect to Webex connect.
Cisco WebEx Connect - Windows7 problem
Action Taken to fix  webexconnect problem:

  • The same webex connect works fine with other computers.
  •  Recreated the windows profile and could not fix the issue.
  •  Webex connect software uninstalled and installed the software.
  •  Format the computer and reload the os still the same issue

Cisco Webexconnect Team came up with a solution after checking the logs of the webexconnect.

Solution : 

  • Go to  C:\Program Files (x86)\WebEx\Connect
  • Rename the dll   apUtilTp.dll to apUtilTpold.dll
  • Download this  Webconnect fix  file
  • Go to  C:\Program Files (x86)\WebEx\Connect and paste the file aputil.dll
  • Reboot your computer

Login to Webconnect and  should be working fine.

If you find the Fix useful or having still issue, please  leave a comment .

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