Fix for USB Ports not working

All USB devices, such as external hard drives, pen drives and media players, require a connection to your computer using a USB 2.0 port. USB 2.0 is faster than previous versions, which makes large volume file transfers possible.

   To know  that your computer has  USB 2.0 port:

USB Ports not working

Login as Administrator- Right Click on My computer then manage,  then Device Manager.

Double-click Universal Serial Bus controllers.

If the word Enhanced is included in any  of listed controllers, your computer has USB 2.0 controller drivers installed.

USB Device not  working on Windows computers :

  • Some of the common problems are that  Windows does not detect the device and install the necessary drivers required. which is not included in Windows OS Manufacture list.At this time you need to install the drivers provided from the Manufacture and  then plug the USB device.
  • If the computer hardware has USB ports which does not High power USB 2.0 device then those device cannot be detect.For high power USB  device external power need to be given and make it recognise.
  • The USB Device can be faulty  or  fake memory drives
  • If the USB Device is working fine on another computer and not working on your system, chances are that USB port must be faulty.Most cases when you plug the device and remove , during the course of action, the USB interface within the port may not be properly contacted.Then USB port need to be replaced.
  • One of the best Solution to try first to install the Motherboard drivers, where this can over write the existing drivers, if they are corrupted.

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