Caution |How To handle Your Computer Gets a Ransomware alert?

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Suddenly on your computer you see a alert with a Warning Message.
Caution How To handle Your Computer Gets a Ransomware alert
Caution |How To handle Your Computer Gets a Ransomware alert

You were not able to open any files and folders all of them encrypted to different file format and to get back those files they leave a note asking for payment.your computer has been hacked by Ransomware Virus.

How did Ransomware attacked your computer?

Ransomware is spread through social sites, spoofed emails deceive users to open Malicious attachments.Another trick Hackers do is downloading malware through legitimate social media sites.they leave a comments or attractive images which will make you to click on the links and drive you to websites that trigger to download malware program on to your computer without your knowledge.

How Can You Protect Your Computer from Ransomware attacks?

Install Antivirus on your computer and keep updating patches regularly. Antivirus companies keep updating the patches as they keep discovering new kind of threats.Make sure you antivirus has a valid subscription and keep updating in back-end from their cloud servers.

A Good Practice is to keep your PC up-to-date, with operating system, antivirus software, and all browser-related components (Java, Adobe,plugins and so on). It is easy to update your computer by responding to regular update alerts, which includes security patches and covering the latest security vulnerabilities.

You need to keep your web browser from any kind of junks, this includes web cookies, tool bars, unnecessary plugins and add-ons.always keep clearing your website cached files and can use free tools to clear your web cache, system cache, junk files.

Only open emails from recognized senders and be cautions before opening or clicking on any links or attachments. It’s a good to verify the URL before clicking on links found in an email body.

Always apply Best practice of taking backup of your DATA.You can use free tools like Karen replicator or any other which will take backup on schedule date and time.Always have backup copy more than one, could on One drive or any other web drive also one more copy on to External Hard drive.Your data will be safe and can restore data in few steps.

Don’t give away any of your personal information on websites,emails or SMS.

Safe guard your credentials – 4 ways to protect against Credential thefts

One Can protect against any attack by being alert and cautious

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