How To Delete a Page in Microsoft Word

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Many Microsoft Word users often ask this question How How To Delete a Page in Microsoft Word. which did not feel so much complicate, until I dig into find out. Deleting Microsoft PowerPoint slide, Microsoft Excel sheet is so easy just with one click can delete it. In Word it is not so easy to delete a page.

How to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word?

When creating a document, often you may have enter some data and want to remove it, which can be easily delete with blocking the content and press delete key. or right click select delete. if the page content deleted and want to delete blank page here are the steps to follow

  • open the word document and click on view.
  • Click on navigation pane
  • on the left side, list of pages display
  • Select the page
  • Click on delete key on the keyboard or backspace
How To Delete a Page in Microsoft Word

The page will be deleted immediately and cannot recover the page.

How to Delete blank page of Microsoft Word in Mac?

  • Open the word document,
  • Press the shortcut Fn + Down Arrow on your keyboard to jerk to the end of the Word document. 
  • Press ⌘+8 on a Mac to show paragraph marks.
  • Select the paragraph mark.
  • Select Font size, type 01, and then press Enter.
  • Press Delete or Backspace on your keyboard


Word page can be easily deleted using shortcut keys or manually by steps of clicks.

What we have shown in for blank page deletion, same method apply even if you have content in that page and works on Windows OS and Mac OS.

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