How to Resize the Windows Taskbar Thumbnails?

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One of my Subscriber asked a question

 How to Resize the Windows Taskbar Thumbnails in  Windows OS.When a Mouse cursor is hover on the taskbar area, you can see the preview of the icons to a bigger view.
In order to have a bigger size thumbnails when cursor hover the icons. the setting to resize is much easier and do not need any  third party software installation.

Open the registry Window by holding  WIN+R  and type regedit.exe Press OK

Narrow down to this path:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer  / Taskband
  • Right-click on the right-hand side pane  and choose New,32-bit DWORD, and type  MinThumbSizePx
  • Decimal value of 550 or less  pixels, (Choose this value as you need).
  • Go to File and Exit from Registry

For changes to happen, logoff and login back with your Windows account

Alternative method for  restarting Explorer in windows,  right-click  on the Start Menu while holding down the CTRL + SHIFT keys. For Windows right click on the  Taskbar while holding down the CTRL + SHIFT keys.

Explorer will exit and the Taskbar will disappear. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keyboard combination to bring up Task Manager, then File> Run, and then type “explorer” and hit the Enter key.

You  now have Thumbnails resize to Your desired settings.

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