How To Transfer Windows 8.1 to new hard disk?

Windows 8.1 has new feature where you can transfer Windows 8.1 OS from old hard drive to new drive, without doing any installation from CD/DVD or USB flash Drive. This new feature is not available in windows 7 . A Really good feature which helps a normal user to make  his OS build by himself without any data loss. No need to install any programs or applications from the scratch.


  • Connect the new hard disk as secondary drive in your  computer
  • Make sure that is detected by BIOS and has been appearing on your Primary disk OS
  • Download   Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Suite  software, Install on your computer
  • Run the  Paragon Hard disk manager software and select the Migrate OS  from the menu , Welcome screen appears,click next.

  • Software detect the source drive and destination drive. Use all available space for the OS partition you can check mark the option next to it. That option is optional. Click on copy button.
  • Copy of data depends on the size and takes too long with bigger disk size
  • once the data migration completes, shutdown the computer and remove the primary disk and now move the secondary disk to primary state
  • Switch on the computer and new disk comes up the OS, data and programs remain same as old disk.




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