Easy Ways to find lost disk space in Windows

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In Windows computer disk space is filled  up with temp files, caches files,cookies and offline files, end up  with lost disk space in windows computers.

It will hard to find which is filling up disk spaces and even if you delete your temp files, caches files,cookies and offline files, by using  windows tools or any third party tools like ccleaner.

How to find files and folders that has filled up disk space?

I found these three free tools which are  very useful and powerful in doing disk analysis and provide a tree map files and folder structure, with file size and type of format files.

  1. Windirstat
  2. Spacesniffer
  3. SequoiaView

Windirstat :  A tool most support person use to analyze the disk space, which provide information of files and folder size, percentage and file format.  But one draw back is that hidden files which are occupying your disk space does not show up.

Spacesnifffer : A tool similar to Windirstat, but this tool is very powerful in doing disk analysis and shows up all hidden file and folders space. A recent issues windows 10 computer disk was totally full and Windirstat could not detect the files and folders which was causing the problem. Spacesniffer tool detected the files which were filling up disk space cause by back up take by quick heal antivirus and the file were encrypted and file size looks like very small in size. spacesniffer shows the exact file size, delete it and restore the lost disk space in windows

How to Delete backup folder cfrbackup created by QuickHeal? Watch this video.

Sequoia View uses a visualization technique called cushion tree maps to provide you with a single picture of the entire contents of your hard drive. You can use it to locate those large files that you haven t accessed in one year, or to quickly locate the largest picture files on your drive. When using Windows Explorer, the user cannot obtain a global overview of the entire contents of his disk, because the number of files and directories that can be shown simultaneously is limited by the available screen space. Tree maps make more efficient use of the available screen space.

lost disk space in Windows

Instead of showing a file system   as a long list of files and directories, files are displayed as rectangles, with the size of the rectangle being proportional to the size of the file. We can then display more information at once if we use all available space. The program also allows you to apply different color schemes to easily identify certain file types.

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