Mophie iPhone Juice Pack Air Case and Rechargeable Battery

Mophie iPhone Juice Pack Air made for iPhone 4. This durable, ultra-thin  chargeable battery that practically doubles your time to rock, speak, surf and send, whilst protecting your iPhone from everyday wear and tear… and does all of it with a style that mirrors the aesthetic of the iPhone. Using the Juice Pack Air guarding and charging your iPhone, you can appreciate as much as 36 additional hrs of audio and 9 extra hours of video clip playback, along with iPhone’s battery existence.

Take full benefit of every thing your iPhonee provide, like Web browsing, downloading applications, sending email messages, or watching video, without stressing  out for getting to recharge. Featuring Apple’s coveted “Works with iPhone” certification, the Juice Pack Air provides as much as 6 hrs of talk time (up to twelve on 2G) or Internet searching and up to 270 hrs of standby time to your iPhone 4.

Remain entertained for longer in your commute, during downtime, or on the job–up to 9 hrs of video and 36 hrs of audio are much more than sufficient to browse the internet and enjoy your favorite films and music.

Mophie iphoneJuice Pack Air

Low-Profile, Durable Protection

The slim profile of this sleek case means your preferred transportable gadget stays portable. Just slip your iPhone into your purse or pocket and appreciate everything it has to provide. The tough, soft touch black case offers the full safety of the hard-shell situation and will shield your iPhone from bumps and scratches, so your phone will look and function like new for a long time for you to come.

And with the Mophie iPhone Juice Pack Air , you won’t have to give up any of one’s iPhone’s functions or functionality. You will have the ability to easily entry all of the iPhone’s controls–including the camera–and nonetheless get the audio you are utilized to out of your phone’s speaker. It also has acoustic audio enhancing speaker ports to get a richer, fuller audio high quality.
Added Functions for Simplicity of use

The Juice Pack Air is filled with functions that were designed with you in mind. To start, as soon as you place your iPhone into the Juice Pack Air, you are able to maintain it continuously charged without having to remove it. An included standby switch permits you to choose whenever you want your juice pack to cost, so can maintain the energy until you need it.

For further simplicity of use, you are able to power up both the Juice Pack Air as well as your iPhone concurrently through the included micro USB cable, which also permits you to sync your iPhone to iTunes. To top it off, 4 LEDs around the bottom maintain tabs on how much power is left within the Juice Pack Air’s battery. The LEDs also maintain you up to date in your phone’s charging status when it’s plugged in.
“Works with iPhone” Certification

The Mophie iPhone Juice Pack Air has passed the strict over-the-air performance exams by an Apple specified test lab. Consequently, the Mophie iPhone Juice Pack Air has been officially licensed by Apple Inc. as a “Works with iPhone 4” item. The Mophie iPhone Juice Pack Air also utilizes an Apple-designated connector, which may only be ordered through Apple’s licensed vendors. This ensures that it’s 100% suitable together with your iPhone4

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