Office 2010 copy and paste not working

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A Computer with Windows 7 and office 2010 has come up with a weird problem. Copy and paste not working. If you rely  Excessive on Copy and paste then this problem should be definitely occurs.

Office 2010 copy and paste not working

Office 2010 has major problem with copy /paste, in excel cannot copy the content with formula to another cell or copying data from excel to outlook.Β  This works for first instance and later it stops working.

when clipboard memory is full, sometimes clearing the content works and some other time does not work. Last and final solution left is to reboot. which is very much annoying to do every time problem occurs.

How to clear Cache without rebooting and manually clearing it?

Step by Step for for fixing Office 2010 copy and paste not working problem.

Desktop Support EngineersΒ  can try using the Cache clearer like Ccleaner to frequently clear the cache from the Clipboard.

Office 2010 copy and paste not working

The Problem is occurring due to the Clipboard  cache issue, where it does not clear off when  full.
The solution to fix this problem is clear the clipboard cache by using Advance System Care  from IOBIT software,  just need to uncheck the “Clean Clipboard”

Download free full version  Advance System Care software

* If the Paste Button is  disabled,  then this problem could occur. For me this problem occurred due Skype add on which disabled  the paste button in the excel sheet. Removed the Skype ,  copy paste problem got resolved.

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