Installation of Microsoft Office 2013 – Office 32-bit couldn’t be installed

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A new Version of Microsoft Office 2013-64bit Preview  available for download.

Microsoft Office 2013-64bit Preview - Installation

A new version  comes with office 365 through skydrive and Live account.

Download the Microsoft Office 2013 – 64 bit by doing a signup with Live Account.

Problems of Microsoft  office 2013 installation

We’re sorry, Office 32-bit couldn’t be installed because you have these 64-bit Office programs installed on your computer:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010  and Microsoft Office 32-bit Components 2010 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office programs don’t get a long, so you can only have one type installed at a time.

Please try installing the 64-bit version of Office instead, or uninstall your other 64-bit Office programs and try this installation again.

Office 32-bit couldn't be installed

Solution : When installing the Office 2013,  you just need to be tricky, the green button Install is 32 bit version Office 2013.
If you need 64 bit Office 2013 , then click  the Language and install Option.

Error message saying: We’re sorry, we couldn’t install your Office product because you don’t have  modern Windows operating system.
You need Microsoft Windows 7 (or newer) to install this product.

Solution : Uninstall the older version of office and  compatibility packs.  there is one folder C:program filesOffice15 folder, empty it.
Try to install the newer version of Office 2013 Preview.

If you have come across any kind of errors during the Office 2013 installation, please write on the comments sections or you can reach me  through my contact page.

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