Setting Up Push Notification For Gmail in iPhone

Let us show you how you can set up a push Gmail account on your iPhone.

By following this tutorial, you can also configure it to sync your contact and calendar.

Gmail on iphone

Before you start, please note that Google sync only work with iPhone firmware 3.0 and above

Getting Started
1. Tap on the icon on the home page
2. Scroll down and open Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Iphone setup

3. Tap Add Account

Gmail setup on  iphone

4. Select Microsoft Exchange.

googlesync exchange

5. In the Email field, enter your Gmail address.

Leave the Domain field blank.

Enter your Google’s Username and Password.

googlesync add-info

Once done, tap Save. You might see the β€œUnable to verify certificate” error message. Select Accept.

gmail email on iphone

6. A new Server input field will now appear. Enter β€œβ€œ. Tap Next to continue.

googlesync server info

7. Select the Google services that you want to sync. For me, I activated all the available synchronization services. Tap Done.


Google sync Push notification services is now set up.
To activate the push notification, you need to turn the Push feature on in the iPhone Settings section.
At the Mail, Contacts, Calendar section, tap Fetch New Data

googlesync push

Make sure that the Push is turned to ON.

googlesync push-on

Important Note

1. Google sync requires you to be constantly connected to the Web. You have to keep your 3G or WIFI connection β€˜Always ON’ for the best result.

2. The push notification can be very draining on your battery life. If you value your battery life much more than the push technology, turn the Push feature OFF for optimal performance.

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