How to Recover deleted messages from OST & PST files of outlook ?

Microsoft outlook is the most preferred email client, which allows to access emails from exchange server or any pop3 servers. Which has many inbuilt features like calendar,address book,task scheduler.

When outlook is configures, there are two methods one to directly access emails from your server and on the local computer it keeps a shadow copy of the mails in the format of ,OST file.
Another method is to download emails directly to your local computer and the file format will be .PST file.

Another problem which you may come across, is that mails are not getting update and keeps taking a long time to update, During this case your .OST File may be corrupted due to various reason, one fie corrupted due to virus or abrupt shutdown of outlook.
you can fix the problem by delete the .OST file and recreate the new one as your open the outlook.

Recovering Deleted message from .OST file.

In MS Outlook of any version there are inbuilt recovery methods to restore deleted emails or folders. If you have delete the email or folder without using shift key then you can restore from deleted  folder.
If you have deleted the email or folder by holding shift key then it will stat as permanently deleted from our  mailbox. But actually  the emails will  not be deleted, it will stored in you recover Deleted items.  if you are wondering how to check in Recover Deleted items? Here are the steps
Open outlook, In menu  look for “Folder” then Recover Deleted Items, Double click on it.

Recovering Deleted message
Now you can see all your deleted items which are here for 31 days ( this retention time is set from your exchange administrator)


Recovering Deleted message from .PST file.

Every User Mailbox has been set with mail storage limit . if your storing emails in .pst format, soon it has to be archived once it reaches the mailbox storage limit. The archive file will be in .pst format.

By Mistake if you have deleted the emails or folders on .pst file then it does not have the features .OST file which you read above. Since the files are stored on your local computer,  it does not have any features of the .OST file.

Worried…  how to recover your deleted emails or folders from .pst file ?

Don’t worry  I will show you how to recover your emails or folders now. Follow the below mention steps.

  • Locate your PST file on your local computer. ( Help: How to locate PST File? Open outlook, then outlook setting, Account settings, data files).
  • Take a backup copy of the PST File.
  • Now download this Software ” Free Hex Editor Neo” and install on your local computer.Free Hex Editor
  • Open your PST file in free Hex Editor.
  • Reset or Delete the Positions 7 to 13  by pressing SPACEBAR, Hexadecimal number are
    00007, 00008, 00009, 0000a, 0000b, 0000c, 0000d,0000e, 0000f, 00010, 00011, 00012, 00013
    As you keep pressing SPACEBAR, the hexadecimal will show “20” in their Position.Display_code_20_Hex_editor
    If you still find difficulty in understanding watch this video “Free Hex Editor”
  • Save the PST file.
  • Now search for  Inbox Repair Tool “SCANPST.exe”  which is an inbuilt tool with MSoffice.


  • Browse the file which was saved by Free Hex Editor, then click on Start.
    It will prompt to take backup say yes and continue.Scanpst_File_Path
  • Once the File scan completes.
  • The PST file should be open with Outlook and All your deleted folders and  emails  will be recovered and can see in the respective folders.Hope this Post should be very helpful in recovering your emails. if you have any doubts or need a support please do write an email

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