[SOLVED] Recover Photos from sd card prompting for format

First Week of Sept, one of my friend came up said, that photo studio person were not able to recover the  photos as sd card prompting for format when inserting to computer or to camera. so my friend want to take try  to  Recover photos from sd card as it contain the summer holiday photos.


SDcard Format

For past three days was working on this problem, Everywhere on the net able to fine Recovery software from SD Card from corrupted disk. Recovery software like ZAR Recovery software, R-delete. The Software were able to detect the SD Card, but were showing the size  of  SD disk “0” or Zero.The data cannot be recovered untill the size visible or Filesystem on the disk can be viewed.

This method  solved Recover Photos from sd card prompting for format :

  1. Get a Pendrive > 1GB
  2. Download LinuxLive USB Creator from here    http://www.linuxliveusb.com/en/help/guide/preparation.
  3. Download the Ubunutu OS from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop.
  4. Once Download complete, Create USB Bootable Ubunutu OS and boot your computer with USB Drive.
  5. Insert the the  SD Card into SD Slot or  sdcard reader to USB Port.

The Device will get recongize by the ubunutu OS, then click onthe Drive Letter and will be able to View the Photos.
But  to copy files from SD card device, you may need one more USB pendrive to copy the files.

The same method i followed and were able to recover the photos from Sd Card and also for thisSandisk SD card I/O error

Share your comments, if the above solution was able to help in recover photo’s or not.

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