Remote Access to computer

Techie guys supporting remote users,access remote computers via remote desktop client software.
Techinical support engineer are benefit with these softwares as they can look into the problems physically, rather then giving a voice support where most users wont understand some of the technical words used by Engineers.
Remote Desktop client software’s are best tools to remote access the computer and fix the problem soon.

Remote desktop client software used for windows and mac machines are different.

Windows uses Remote Desktop Connection, it’s a technology that allows you to sit at a computer and connect to a remote computer in a different location. For example, you can connect to your work computer from your home computer and have access to all of your programs, files, and network resources as though you were in front of your computer at work. You can leave programs running at work and when you get home, you will see your work computer’s desktop displayed on your home computer, with the same programs running.

Now Apple has recently released their Remote Desktop Client 2.1 as a free download. You can install this without buying Apple Remote Desktop 2.1, as the client is bundled free in all copies of Panther. The surprise here is that the client includes a VNC server — which features support for dual displays!
Remote Desktop Client

Installing the update, open the Sharing System Preferences panel. On the Services tab, first enable Apple Remote Desktop, and then click the Access Privileges button. On the next screen, activate the VNC area and enter a password:

After setting this up, you can now remotely control your Mac with any free VNC viewer (e.g. Chicken of the VNC), running on Mac OS X or any other OS. Of course, you can’t use all the other cool Apple Remote Desktop control features on the above screen, but being able to use a free VNC server is a nice touch!

VNC for remote desktopVNC, or Virtual Network Computing, is a remote desktop protocol that many free clients and servers utilize. OSXVNc, When you start the app, you are given a preferences window, in which you can set the server password and more. Now, if you want to access your computer from outside your network, and you are using a router, you will need to forward the port 5900 to the computer on which the server is running. Note that in order to access your computer remotely, your computer must be on and connected to the internet.

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