Revealing key features of iPhone You Must Know

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Revealing key features of iPhone which are new and improved features released to iPhone users. Most user are not aware of the most important feature that need to be turned ON.I personally feel more important one’s are privacy, tracking and user behavior data collection from apps. I would like to reveal key features one should enable them.

New privacy feature in iPhone IOS 14.

Revealing key features of iPhone You Must Know

Apple has developed and introduced new features Improved and advance protection against data leaks and Privacy in iPhone. If you ask what is privacy feature in iPhone IOS 14, lets Reveal features of iPhone.

Whenever an app uses your camera and Microphone you’ll see a small orange or Green dot in status bar which is located on top right of your iPhone screen. If you’re using an app like listening or Capturing video or photo, a Green dot will appear on the status bar.

New privacy features in iPhone IOS 14

If an app is using camera or microphone in the background a orange dot appears on status bar. To know which app go to control Center and can see which app triggered it.

WIFI Address feature in iPhone IOS 14

When you’re iPhone connected to WIFI network, should enable private address turn ON, this feature prevent tracking of you’re iPhone across different WIFI networks. From security point of view, this feature will secure your phone when connected to open WIFI networks.

To enable Private address, Go to settings app>WIFI> Private Address, tap or toggle the button to Green.

Sound recognition- iphone-ios14

Sound recognition feature in iPhone IOS 14

Sound recognition a very powerful and alert feature developed by apple on iPhone ios14.
Sound Recognition allows the iPhone to listen for sounds like car horns, running water,doorbells,a dog barking, a baby crying, a fire alarm, shouting and other related sounds.

When the phone detects this sound, sends out a notification alert on you’re phone.
Note: When Sound Recognition is turned ON, the β€ŒiPhoneβ€Œ will not listen to “Hey β€ŒSiriβ€Œ” commands.

Sound recognition- iphone-ios14

Still more features testing and if you are interested more features on ios14, then best place to check out here

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