Does your computer notify smart hard disk error 301?

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You will learn on Hard disk error

  • smart hard disk error 301
  • Recover data from failure disk
  • Diagnostics Quick and Full Hard Disk tests

My computer with windows 7 was working fine. But this week found that the system start to boot very slow and application response was not so fast. Thought it could be due to some software ‘s causing high usage of system resources.

Did some fine tuning on the computer like..

  • Cleaning up the junk file, caches files from Browser and Wipe Hard drive to Delete Files Permanently by using Ccleaner.
  • Remove of the start-up programs which were not necessary.
  • On Task manager checked to see any programs consuming system resources very high .
  • Scanned Entire Hard drive to check any virus by using Trend Micro.

Later rebooted the computer and logged but issue remain same.

Logged into windows 7 in start-up prompted with smart hard disk error (301).Smart Hard disk error 301

This error indicated to failure in hard drive and has replace with new Hard drive.

To analyse the problem much deeper, Enter to system bios did the System Diagnostics Quick and Full Hard Disk tests, they pass 100%. Memory test is a 100% pass. Primary Hard Disk Self-test is 100% passed.

Smart hard disk error 301, pops up as the windows 7 starts up, thinking not too much finally decided to take the data backup. To my luck on Amazon was selling with good discount offer and was able to buy new one higher capacity with lesser price.

One of the reasons for 301 smart disk error is that read write of head was lose  contact to spindle. Magnetic layer in hard drive gets slight damage, hard drive clicking sound and header is not firm.

Ignoring this error can cause a problem in backing up your data as the disk stop not responding, the next level is to do use tools like flobo hard disk repair or Data hard drive recovery.

Save your time and Data by purchasing a new Hard disk, as you see  smart hard disk error (301).

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