Windows 7 Troubleshooting tools Helps Fix Common Computer Problems

Windows 7  has built in feature for troubleshooting Common Computer Problems. if your computer pops up with some error message, then check out the windows 7  help menu to fix the problem with just one click.You can  improve your computer’s performance by the support provided on the troubleshooting .

Here is one such common computer problems  did you know you can help improve your laptop computer’s battery life in just a few clicks with the “Improve Power Usage”  Windows scans your computer’s power settings and automatically optimizes them so you get the most battery life possible! Here’s how

1. Click Start and in the “Search programs and files…” box, type Action Center.

common computer problem

2. Click “Troubleshooting.

Windows7 has built in feature of troubleshooting Common Computer Problems.3. Click the Troubleshooter you want, such as “Improve Power Usage.”

windows7 Common Computer Problems.

4.  The tool runs the  Windows fix  on your computer automatically!

Windows7 fixes

5. Windows Troubleshooter is complete, fixed the issues and can see the  improvements in battery performance

Windows7 battery fix

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