Troubleshooting Internet Explorer 8

The new Version of internet Explorer 8 has encountered problems. Today i like to share those easy steps to Troubleshoot the internet explorer 8 problems.

Internet ExplorerIf there many toolbars installed with your browser, the toolbar plugins cause lot of problems not only with Internet Explorer 8 but any browser or application requiring data transmission over a network.Internet explorer 8 will not respond in time untill all your plugins are active and need to wait. I recommend not to use yahoo tool bar to any browser as it is the most slowest responding services.Always have one toolbar recomends only to google toolbar.

Minimize the plugins in your browser,install only plugins which are required for your search.Add-ons or plug-ins are either added manually or are added with the installation of any application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some are default. A corrupt add-in may also cause an Internet Explorer freeze.
To check this, right click on the icon of Internet Explorer, and select the option Run without Add-ons. If Internet Explorer begins working properly, one or more of the add-ons are corrupt, and you should follow the method mentioned in the next paragraph to fix the issue. If it is not working properly even with add-ons disabled,

To locate the plug-in creating problem, start Internet Explorer normally again and disable all plug-ins (see the NOTE and Image in the first section). Enable each plug-in—one by one—after browsing for some time with each plug-in. You can isolate the plug-in causing the problem as Internet Explorer 8 hangs as soon as you enable the corrupt plug-in. Click on the Disable or Remove button after selecting the plug-in in the Manage Add-ons window to fix the problem.

Internet explorer add-ons problem

An Internet Explorer 8 freeze may also occur when you open too many tabs. Try to keep the number of tabs in Internet Explorer to five or less. If you need more, it is better to open a new window of Internet Explorer instead of more tabs in the same window. Internet Explorer hangs even when you use several Internet Explorer tabs depending upon the machine and the number of active processes.






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