A Virus removal tool to remove file recovery virus

On Windows  computer, trying to download a software, movie or music, might get infect with file recovery virus. Virus will block the programs  and prompt saying that the files are infected.

Symptoms of file recovery virus:

  • Installed programs on the PC get infected and blocks them from opening.
  • Browser redirect to warning page and forcing to purchase the File recovery.
  • Windows detected a hard drive problem.A hard drive error occurred while starting the application.

Virus removal tool to remove file recovery virus

Virus removal method:

  • Boot your computer and Press F8 and choose Advance option
  • Select Safe Mode with Networking
  • Login to the computer with same user name as you have logged in normal mode.
  • Download this virus removal tool to a USB Drive and plug this to infected computer and copy.
  • Run the virus removal tool and will remove all the infected malware and spyware from your computer.
  • prompt for reboot say OK .
  • Login into the computer again in safe mode with networking to make sure that virus has been completely removed.

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