Now Windows10 NVMe SSDs disk Health Monitoring Feature

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A New Feature will be rolling out with Windows Build version 20226,which helps users to know the status and health of NVMe SSD disk drives. It provides information on health condition of SSD disk, including estimates disk life, storage capacity becomes low, performance degrades, internal errors, disk read and write I/O.

How does disk Health Monitoring helps?

Alert notification on SSD disk helps users to take action and prevent data loss, so data to be backed up before hard disk stops working.

Windows 10’s new storage health monitoring feature will only monitor NVM SSDs. this feature does not support SATA SSDs or hard disk drives (HDD) for hardware abnormal activities.

Windows10 NVMe SSDs disk Health Monitoring

Windows10 sends this notification, to go Start > Settings > System > Storage > Manage disks and volumes, then select Properties for the problematic disk to see additional details.

Below details on Window10 NVMe SSD Disk Warnings

Window10 NVMe SSD Disk Warnings
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How to get Windows10 NVMe SSDs disk Health Monitoring Feature?

To get this latest feature, update your computer with windows update Build 20226 from here Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update and then checking for new updates.

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