How to wipe the BlackBerry clean and setting up email address with Enterprise activation

blackberry activationDifferent Blackbery model has different ways to Wipe the handle

First Method :

* In the device Options, click  Security.
* If you are using BlackBerry Device Software 4.1, click Security Options > General Security.
* Click the trackwheel and select Wipe Handheld.
* Click Continue.
* Type “blackberry”. All the data on the BlackBerry device is erased.




Second Method

* Go to Options
* Select Security Options.
* Select General Settings
* Click the Menu key
* Select Wipe Handheld
* Click Continue
Type “blackberry”. All the data on the BlackBerry device is erased.

After wiping the handle , hard-reset the handheld and perform Blackberry Wireless Activation again

Open the Enterprise Activation program (Options > Enterprise Activation, Options > Advanced Options > Enterprise Activation, or Settings > Options > Advanced Options > Enterprise Activation on the handheld and type the appropriate email address and activation password that were provided in the activation email.
Wireless Enterprise Activation application: Click Activate

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