How to install and boot windows 7 on UEFI / GPT Computers?

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To Install windows 7 on UEFI based  computers, the hard drive must be format using GUID Partition table (GPT) file system or Master boot record file format. Recommended method is GUID.
GUID partition table supports 128 partitions, should include Windows partition with windows RE tools (300MB Minimum). Windows RE tools supports automatic fail over and to support booting windows BItLocker Drive Encryption partitions.

The Drive contains a partition called system partition, this is also called as EFI System Partition or UEFI. Computer boots from this partition and minimum size is 100MB with FAT32 File format.

Microsoft Reserved Partition – has a partition size of 128MB and does not have any partition id as it does not store any user data,

By default when hard drive is format on UEFI  based computer, these partitions created
Windows RE Tools, System, MSR, Windows

UEFI computers provides high security like malware running during the OS boot and prevent installation of other OS like Ubuntu, Linux or any other version of windows, dual boot option is disabled.

However you can choose between  UEFI/GPT and secure boot option.

To enable UEFI/GPT, you need to enable legacy boot option and disable the secure boot.
Boot your computer with windows7 DVD or With Window 7USB and start the installation.

Check this post for  Windows 7 USB Bootable installation..

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