NIC teaming Greyed on BACS Dell PowerEdge


NIC teaming Greyed on BACS  Dell PowerEdge R520 Server

The Dell PowerEdge R520 Server  was installed with windows 2008 R2 64bit OS. I’ve a issue with creating NIC Teaming by using Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 4. On the Menu Teams  is grayed out and option to NIC teaming does not work.

Options tried in resolving the NIC Teaming gray out:

  •   Uninstall the BACS 4 software, reboot the server and installed but this does not fix.
  •   Logged in as Administrator, installed the BACS software, but this did not fixed the issue.

None of the above methods did not worked to fix the problem.

Resolution :  When  installing the  BACS 4 software, choose the custom installation and enable the options control suite and CIM provide with BASP. This will enable the NIC teaming.

TEAM View options Greyed out  on  Dell

if the above solution helped in fixing the problem, please leave your comment or any other solution worked, do comment.

BACS Overview:
Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS) is an integrated utility that provides useful information about each network adapter that is installed in your system. BACS also enables you to perform detailed tests, diagnostics, and analyses on each adapter, as well as to view and modify property values and view traffic statistics for network objects.
Broadcom Advanced Server Program (BASP), which runs within Broadcom Advanced Control Suite, is used to configure teams for load balancing, fault tolerance, and virtual local area networks (VLANs). BASP functionality is available only on systems that use at least one Broadcom network adapter.

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