How to recover data from corrupted memory card?

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A Memory card is a non-volatile type where it can be easily inserted, written, erased and rewritten. Memory card can hold any kind of file and

recover data from corrupted memory card

format. Easy to use, carry, inserting data and erase for reuse.
if these devices are inserting in different computers they often get infected with Malicious virus, spyware and Malware corrupting the data. if the data is high important and has not been backed up anywhere then will end up in thinking of data recovery.

Recommend to use this Powerful, Easy GUI Friendly  tool to recover data from corrupted memory card.

This tool has features of

  • Supports all kinds of memory cards like Pen Drives, Flash Cards, Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks, Micro Drive, MMC Cards, XD Cards
  • Recovers deleted audio, video, photos and other data.
  • recover data from digital memory cards that get corrupt or damaged
  • Recover data after formatting memory cards,storage media

Important note:

Android phone Slow after memory upgrade

If you have Android Phone with any brand, the phone might have come with 2GB Memory card.  The Mobile phones will have the option to upgrade the Memory card depending on the needs and also Phone support level.

64gb sd card

I own a Motorola Defy plus android phone which came with 2GB Memory card. It can be upgraded  up to 32GB, so recently i purchase a 8GB Memory card  from amazon  and inserted the card to the phone.  Though the Phone recognised the Micro-SD  card and also showed the capacity of the  Micro-SD Card.
But the problem was that the phone started responding very slow and was taking too much to read the applications. Mobile Games was not opening  intime and all of sudden the performance of the phone became very slow.

Removing of the Micro-SD card, the Phone  performance was good. I had a doubt that the Memory card could be faulty, this  could  the read and write operation on the Micro-SD.

Inserting the 2GB Memory card into the phone the performance was good.

Solution to fix the slow android phones with larger memory capacity:

The Memory card should be formatted with the android OS, this helps in creating the File system on the memory card which will create file structure.

To Format the Memory card  :
Place the card in the phone, open settings > storage > unmount sd card > format sd card.

The Memory card automatically gets mounted.

Now the Phone performance is very good and able to read the data on the Memory card much faster.

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