Create bootable Windows 7 USB Drive

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Hey you can build a bootable windows 7 USB drive and can boot the pc from USB flash drive.

Before you begin, you need to have these

  • Windows 7 iso image
  • 15GB  USB 3,0 Flash drive
  • A computer with windows OS

First Download this free tool  WinToUSB to your local computer and install the tool. Make sure you have administrator rights on this computer.

Now Open the WinToUSB tool

Bootable Windows-7-from-a-USB-Drive


Browse the folder where the iso image kept and then select the OS from the list. then select the flash drive  where the OS should be installed,  then it formats the drive and created partition with  system drive and boot drive.

Porable windows 7 USB drive

Drive Partition - Windows 7

Click next  installation continues. USB flash drive will be now loaded with Windows 7 OS and can be used on PC , by booting the system with windows 7 . Start operating like Desktop or laptop PC.

Windows7 Flash drive

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