Data Recovery from Corrupted NTFS hard drive

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How to recover Data from

  • Have you accidentally formatted or repartitioned your NTFS drive?
  • Do you recovered your computer from a system crash and found that some information is missing?
  • A system failure caused your hard drive inaccessible, and the operating system unable to load?

Now hard drives can store hundreds gigabytes of data in millions files A computer crash or a buggy application can cause data corruption at any time, which in turn means the entire hard drive may become inaccessible because of file system failure. Everything is lost even if you cannot access your hard drive from Windows, or if your computer can not load the operating system. If you connect the crashed hard drive as secondary could not read the files or access the drive. The NTFS file system totally corrupted and could not recover or read any data from the disk.


Data Recovery from Corrupted NTFS hard drive

Now you can easily Recover the data from crashed disk from this free software forΒ  Data recovery. Even if the disk is formatted, corrupted or not accessible by Operating system.

Download this free software from here

Install on the working computer, connect the corrupted disk as secondary.
The Get back NTFS software recovers all your data easily.

NTFS Data Recovery works with damaged NTFS volumes as well as with entire hard drives, including those that have been repartitionedΒ or reformatted.Β  NTFS Data Recovery does not use Windows to access data. It does not solely rely on information stored in the partition table, as it may be damaged. Instead, NTFS Data Recovery uses intelligent deep scanning of entire hard drive to locate, analyze and re-create damaged NTFS volumes, file system structures, and files.

Using NTFS Data Recovery is easy, safe and straightforward thanks to its recovery wizard that allows you to restore data from corrupted partitions, inaccessible or formatted hard drives. You don’t have to pay anything until you are completely sure you can get all your data back! The pre-recovery Live Preview allows you to see what you can and what you cannot recover before you pay. You can see the contents of lost, deleted or corrupted office documents, pictures and archives prior to actual recovery. Live Preview ensures successful data recovery and helps you restore the latest versions of your office documents.

You sure want to recover your documents, pictures and archives before anything else. NTFS Data Recovery allows you to recover what really matters by locating and recovering office documents, pictures, ZIP and RAR archives before the rest of your data.

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