How To Setup Airprint in Windows, Mac and IOS?

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AirPrint is an Apple Print technology that is easy to print without installing printer drivers. Prints high quality documents and photos from any of Apple devices ( iPhone, Mac and iPad). Air Print technology integrated in all Major Printer Brands and Printer servers.

AirPrint Technology: Features

  • No driver, no software to install
  • High Quality output
  • High quality
    • Photo paper size
    • Borderless if available
    • No duplex mode
    • No page range
  • Supported on all Apple platforms
    •  iOS 4.2 and later
    • iOS X 10.7, default on OS X 10.8
  • • Zero cost license for printer manufacturers

How To Setup AirPrint To Print From Your IPhone, IPad, Or IPod Touch ?

  • Check iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and Printer connected to the same WI-FI network.From your Device, Open the App or document to print
  • Click on share icon or Arrow icon
  • Select Print
  • Select printer ( if printer supports Airprint gets listed over here)
  • Choose the number of copies
  • Tap Print in the right corner.

Troubleshooting When Airprint is not working

  •   Make sure the printer and your Apple device are connected to the same local Wi-Fi network and check for any network-related issues.
  • AirPrint  not supported to public wireless networks ( public Wi-Fi or hotspots). you will see this error “No AirPrint Printers Found”
  • If the Wi-Fi signal is weak, move closer to the router. Additionally, metal objects, walls, and electronics that emit radio signals can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal to mobile devices and printers. 
  • Make sure AirPrint is enabled on the printer 
  • Restart the Printer and enable AirPrint  Check Printer has the latest firmware, if not check from manufacture site  how to upgrade firmware on Printer

How to install Airprint on windows?

  • In Windows search bar type in “Printers & Scanners”
  • Select the printer
  • click on Manage , then Printer properties
  • Click on the Sharing tab, check the Share this printer box and then click OK.
  • Download BonJour Printer service
  • In firewall open the port 5353
  • Now Install Airprint components Click here to download AirPrint components
  • Install Airprint Service and set to Run in Auto.
  • Now AirPrint enabled on Windows and ready to print.
    If you are looking best printer with Airprint check out these Brands Epson, canon, Brother, Lexmark,kyocera,HP, Xerox

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