How Windows 10 sneak into Your Privacy?

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We know Windows 10 Widely used Operating System, Microsoft kept on introducing new Operating systems, saying they are improved versions, better performance and Protect Privacy of users data. In reality it is not, Windows 10 has feature by default enabled where it captures your activity and store in logs and once in week or fortnight it gets uploaded to their servers. A feature which end user not aware of, as there are many features and app rolled out during the installation of operating system, very hard to manage and system performance getting worse.Apply these settings for Windows 10 computer, on logged in user profile and help you understand which need to Turn ON and to Turn OFF.

You will be surprised with How Windows 10 sneak into Your Privacy?

In this post i will show you how to protect your privacy by turning off some of the setting which are turned on by default in Windows.

How to protect your Activity history not getting leaked?

Apply these settings for Windows 10 computer, on logged in user profile

Go to Settings>Privacy>Activity history

Turn off the accounts which are under Show activities from these accounts

Un-check the box of Store my activity history on this device

Un-check the box of Send my Activity to Microsoft

Another settings for Windows you need to look at Diagnostics & feedback

  1. Windows 10 Computer go to Settings>Privacy> Diagnostics & feedback
  2. Turn off Tailored experience
  3. Turn off view diagnostic data
  4. Delete diagnostic data
  5. Change feedback frequency to Never

How to Protect your Voice based activity on application?

In Windows 10 Computer go to Settings>Privacy>Voice activation

  • Turn off Allow Apps to use Voice activation when this device is locked.

The danger of this option is when you Turn ON this option, when system is locked and kept your apps open, Microphone keep listening to your voice keywords.

Turn off Inking & typing personalization

In General section, Turn off all the settings as shown in the image

  • Turn off the App diagnostics
  • Turn off Background apps, this will improve the system Performance
  • Turn off Allow apps to access to your call history
  • Turn off Allow apps to access your Account info
  • Turn off Allow apps to access your notifications
  • Turn off Allow apps to access your location

We have shared you some of the settings for Windows 10 which prevents your important data leaks, Apply these settings and do know you feedback and comments in the below comment sections

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