How to Recall message from Lotus notes?

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IBM Owned Lotus notes has now added the feature of recall message option with Lotus notes version 8.5 with more advanced features

To Recall message from Lotus notes

  • Β  Click on the sent folder or All Documents View, select the message
  • Β  Right ClickΒ  on the message and choose Recall
  • Β Β  In the sent view click the Recall message action button

These Choices opens to Recall the message

Recall  message from Lotus notes

Three options to recall the Messages.

  • Select recipients, if the message was sent to multiple people, it can be recalled from everyone or just the people you select
  • Recall the message even if has been read by the recipient
  • Send  a report back to the sender about the success of the recall from each recipient
Recall message status - Lotus notes

Lotus notes 8.5 has powerful feature Prevent others from recalling message to you

While message recall is a powerful feature for message sender, a single Mail Preference ( click More action button and choose Preferences) Set by the recipient can disallow other people from recalling messages sent to them.

Prevent others from recalling message - lotus notes

This setting is enabled by default, so you must deselect it if you don’t want other people to recall message sent to you.

Note:  Domino Administrator must also enable message recall on the server. it is off by default.

Several Caveats to using recall Message:

  • Message recall works only for the messages you send, not meeting invitations or TO DO tasks
  • Messages  deleted by the recipient but not removed from Trash still  message can be recalled
  • Message recall works only email sent to Lotus notes users.
  • signatures are checked, only recall messages that you have sent and only ones sent from your mail application. if you have delegated your mail to an assistant that person won’t be able to recall messages that you have sent.

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