Wipe Hard drive – Delete Files Permanently

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Most users think if they delete the files or folders by using shift delete or empty the recycle bin  files will not get permanently deleted from the computer hard drive. Actually the file are deleted from the system index, the operating-system only removes the file from the index because the actual elements that comprise the file are totally intact. The file is permanently deleted only after many write up on the same block within your Hard-disk which may happen in much more compact or smaller size hard-disks during a small span of time. if your disk is of larger size, not sure when the  deleted block space will be used.

There are Free shareware software’s like undelete, Recuva, easy recovery software – Data Recovery Wizard  which can recover the deleted files easily

Most users like to remove the sensitive data from there computer hard drive  and would like to make sure that data is not recoverable by any kind of software’s.The software which i would recommend is Ccleaner to delete the files permanently and wipe your hard drive free space and make the data non recoverable by any software.

Download the Ccleaner software

Double click on the Ccleaner.exe file and follow the steps by clicking next, the software gets installed and  Launches  CCleaner and choose ‘Tools’ and then ‘Drive Wiper’.

Wipe  Hard drive

You will now to have to select whether or not you need to overwrite certain parts of a drive  to make data irrecoverable or to wipe the entire partition. Keep in mind that wiping the entire partition will erase all of the data and when you’d prefer to safeguard only the files that you’ve deleted, choose ‘Free Space Only’

Drive Wiper Permanently Delete Files
Simple Overwrite

Now, we need to determine the  amount of Overwrites which will occur. A Simple Overwrite is sufficient in many instances, but you can choose a much more Complicated choice which will make sure that the files are irrecoverable even with the most advanced techniques recognized that are in use.

Wipe  Hard drive

Lastly, select the drive/partition which you are looking to wipe and hit ‘Wipe’. This may take a while based on the type of method that you’ve chosen and also the size of one’s hard-disk.

Drive Wiper Hard disk

In my opinion, this is the better than using other comparable equipment primarily because you don’t need to set up a separate software for deleting files since CCleaner is practically something that you have to survive on Windows. Make sure that you have at least CCleaner v3 since something older than that doesn’t contain this function.

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