How to reset user account Password in Windows 7?

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You Will Learn

  • How to reset Windows 7 user account Account?
  • How to change password for windows 7 Administrator Account

You Would have faced the problem of not remembering password of user account logging into windows 7 Computer. If you don’t have Administrator Password or any other user account password with same rights of Administrator.The only way to reset  user account password in windows7 is to crack and reset the password through backdoor entry.

Below Steps helps to  reset user account Password in Windows 7 computer

“trinity rescue kit 3.3” Linux-based, bootable tool which will be used to reset password in windows 7, vista, and XP.

Trinity rescue kit 3.3 can be downloaded for free trinity rescue kit 3.3

Download , burn ISO trinity to be bootable disk , which can created on DVD RWCD or usb disk / flashdisk , for the purposes of making bootable usb-disk, you can use UNetbootin

Boot through trinity-bootable you created earlier.. then check the user password will be reset. can be seen when in the windows login page. Choose “user name” (user-account) where the password will be reset.

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