Windows 8 Data Deduplication Feature

Data Deduplication in windows 8 is a robutst feature which involves in searching of file and folders with duplicate content, remove the duplicate data and helps in free up the space on the storage. Data Deduplication goal is to store more data with less space by segmenting files into smaller variable size chunks. Redundant copies of chunk are replaced by a single reference file. Chunks are organised in container files in system volume information folder.

 Data deduplication for Windows 8 x64

Advantages of Data Depulication :

* 20-80%+ space savings can be acheived on the storage

* Depulication helps in storing of data in easy format

* Faster downloadable files across WAN

Running Data Dededuplication on windows server 8

 Run the commands in an elevated PowerShell command

 Import-Module Deduplication

  •  To view and get help on all Dedup cmdlets:

               help Dedup

  •  Enable volume for Data Deduplication

              Enable-DedupVolume <vol: Or Mount path>

  •  Set the file age for Deduplication (Setting 0 will allow immediate Deduplication once the job starts)

           Set-DedupVolume <vol: Or Mount path> -MinimumFileAgeDays 0

  •  Start the Data Deduplication

            Start-DedupJob <vol: Or Mount path> –Type Optimization

  •  View progress of the running job


  •  View the savings due to Deduplication


  • To revert back your files to “non Dedup” regular user files

              Start-DedupJob -Volume <vol: Or Mount path> -Type Unoptimization

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