How To recover Xbox Gamertag error 80070428

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I Own a Xbox, found problem with profile and thrown this error

Xbox Gamertag error 80070428

“Unable to download profile at this time error 80070428”

Gamertag provide very convenient method to recover the Gamertag profile, whenever there is issue with download of profile and  time error 80070428.

Recover Gamertag profile Method.

  1.  Sign out from all the profiles from your Xbox.
  2. ShortCut Key to to log-out from all profiles is Press X and select YES and will be sign out completely.
  3. Select the Recover Gametag and follow the screens showing the instructions.
  4. Plug the USB Keyboard into the controller port of the Xbox 360and provide the necessary information required. once done your profile will be download able to Xbox, then you will be able to sing to the Xbox profile.

How To recover your forgotten password on your Xbox Live gamer-tag?

  •      Visit
  •     Click “Sign In” which is on  top right of the screen.
  •     Click “Forgot Password” located below the log in box.
  •     Enter your registered email address along with the verification image.
  •     Check your email for a verification email from Xbox Live.
  •     Click the activation link found in the email provided by Xbox Live.
  •     Change your password or retain your existing password.

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