5 Windows 10 settings improves PC Performance

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If your Windows 10 Computer Performance is not up to expectation or benchmark and your questions are

How do I make my computer perform better performance Windows 10?
How do I make my computer run faster on settings?

Then you should follow the below mention steps to Improve the performance of your Computer. These 5 Windows 10 settings improves PC Performance and has been proven working, If you don’t believe apply and test it.

Windows 10 in Start Menu

In Start Menu there are many settings and by default not turned ON, the settings shown in the image will improve the performance of the System. Search Settings>Personalization>start

Start Menu settings - Windows10-Performance

Windows 10 Task bar

In taskbar, few setting need to be turned OFF, Search Settings>Personalization>taskbar, apply the settings shown in the image

Taskbar settings - Windows10-Performance

Windows 10 Colors

In colors section turn off the Transparency effects, Search Settings>Personalization>colors apply the settings shown in the image

colors settings - Windows10-Performance

Windows 10 Delivery Optimization

In Windows 10 PC Windows update are pulled from other PC over LAN and this will decrease the System Performance. when PC has a unreliable internet connection, Windows updates are pulled from other PC on the network, Always turn off this Feature. Looks like Microsoft has copied this functionality from a torrent applications. some time abrupt in Windows update cause errors with different type error codes

Search Settings>update & Security>Delivery Optimization apply the settings shown in the image

Delivery Optimization settings - Windows10-Performance

Windows 10 Game Mode

By Default Game Mode is turned ON, PC Will be optimized for Gaming performance, If the PC is not used for Gaming, then you need to disable this feature as this is one worst feature for person using laptop for Business use.

If you PC has Game Mode Turned ON

  • Windows prioritizes your gaming experience by turning things off in the background.
  • Prevents Windows Update, performing driver installations and restart notifications.
  • helps to achieve a more stable frame rate depends on the specific game and system.

check this source page on Game mode

Game Mode - Windows10-Performance

Apply the setting, do know how these tips to optimize windows 10 improved performance of your PC, do comment below.

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