How to Fix Bootcamp Problems of Macbook

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There have been many Bootcamp Problems with Mac among which these are some common problems :
Bootcamp installation  windows 7 on Mac , the screen goes Black or screen gores blank :
  1. Run Boot Camp Assistant from Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Applications -> Utilities)
  2. Create a partition for the Windows installation using Boot Camp Assistant
  3. Plugin your install disc and install Windows 7
  4. The system will reboot a couple of times during the installation
  5. The problem: The second time the system reboots, you the see the Windows red-green-blue-yellow animated logo, and then the screen goes black and hangs infinitely.
  6. Press and hold the power button on your iMac until it shuts down.
  7. Start the iMac again holding β€œalt” key, so you can select and load Max OS X Snow Leopard again.
  8. Run any application that let you work with NTFS partitions.
  9. Find the file β€œC:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSATIKMDAG.SYS” on your BOOTCAMP partition, and simply delete it.
  10. Restart you iMac, and boot up Windows 7
  11. Now Windows 7 should boot normally
  12. Run update windows utility and install Boot Camp drivers from the Mac OS X install discBootcamp Problems

 Audio Perfromance Problem by using Bootcamp on Mac

Disable β€œkbdmgr.exe”  ia bootcamp software whcih allows to touch commands  with trackpad and to control the volume and brightness. This has been causing a major problem with audio performance and this can be disabled.
Start > Run > type Msconfig Press OK
Click on startup tab, untick  kbdmgr
Restart  the system

Disabling Graphis card Features :
Disable graphics write combining by:
– Right-clicking on your desktop and selecting properties>Settings>Advanced>Troubleshooting
– Unticking β€œEnable Write Combining”

Disable NVIDIA PowerMizer by:
– Right-clicking on your desktop and selecting properties>Settings>Advanced>GeForce 8600M GT>Mobile>Change PoweMizer Settings
– Selecting β€œNot manage my power consumption

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