Best Built in Keyboard shortcut keys for Windows.

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A Collection of useful Built in Keyboard shortcut keys for Windows. These Shortcuts Will Save Time and reduces number of Mouse clicks, increases work productivity.

Microsoft Word the Keyboard shortcuts keys ( Shift key + F keys)

  • Shift and F1 Key: Reveal Formatting   Font, Language, Paragraph alignment, spacing, section. Margins
  • Shift + F2 Key: Copy to Where
  • Shift + F3 Key: Change The Text Case (highlight the text, change text Case or at cursor position).
  • Shift + F4 Key:  To Find and Replace
  • Shift + F5 Key: Move to an earlier revision.
  • Shift + F6 Key: Go to previous frame or pane.
  • Shift + F7 Key: Thesaurus. (Synonyms and Antonyms of Words)
  • Shift + F8 Key: Trim or cut down the current highlight of selected text.
  • Shift + F9 Key: interchange between a field code and the field code result.
  • Shift + F10 Key: opens up Shortcut Contextual Menu or right click to properties
  • SHIFT + F11 Key: Go to previous field.
  • Shift + F12 Key: Save document, as with tools menu.

How to clear Chrome Browser Caches using Keyboard shortcut key?

Chrome Browsers stores browsing history, cookies and trackers, this could slow down your PC or could expose data of your browsing history. A short cut key helps to clear these caches.

  • Windows or Linux; Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete
  • Mac; Press Command+Shift+Backspace
  • Chromebook; Press Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
  • iPhone and iPad ; Press Command+Y, need external keyboard
Built in Keyboard shortcut keys in windows

List of Built in shortcut keys for Windows

How to find host name of Windows computer without Logging?

At Windows Logon screen type in .username username can be Administrator or local account. below the password screen window visible with hostname.

How to hide all open Windows?

If you have open many Windows in your computer and want to Hide immediately to protect against other eyeballs, use this Built in shortcut key Press Windows key + M Minimize all open Windows.

Press Windows key + D Display and hide the desktop.

Shortcut keys for frequent use Application or Program

If you are frequently using an Application or Program and want to launch every time searching in program files or in app. This shortcut tip is very useful and reduces time and number of clicks

Example: If You are using Power point frequently, then create your Shortcut by this method

  • In the search bar type Power Point and pin to task bar
  • Place the Power point in task bar to position 1 – shown in image
  • PowerPoint is in first position on your taskbar, you can now open PowerPoint at any time by simply pressing Windows key + 1 on your keyboard
  • Windows Key Built in shortcuts

Same can be followed for next application, key note is here What position the application is place on task bar. Is it in position 1,2,3,4, base on this number, if you Pressing WWindows key+1, Windows key+2, Windows key+3, Windows key+4 respective program or application will launch.

How to Split Screen in Windows?

Split Screen is very useful when you want to compare or copy content from page to another, to find the difference, when you single Monitor.use the below keyboard shortcuts.

  • Windows key + ↑  maximize a non-maximized window
  • Windows key + ↓  minimize a non-minimized window
  • Windows key + →  snap a window to the right side of your screen
  • Windows key + ←  snap a Window to the left side of your screen

To arrange a each window into four corners of your computer screen using split screen use below shortcuts

  • Windows key + ← or → to snap the window to left or right side of your Monitor screen
  • Windows key + ↑ or ↓ to snap the window into the top or bottom of your Monitor screen

Tip: If you split screen two PowerPoint files side-by-side, you can click and drag slides between two files (creating copies of the slide in the new presentation file.).

How to Take a Screenshot or Screen clipping

Snipping tool shortcut using keyboard Press Keys Windows key + Shift + S freezes your screen to capture the required window, then crop the image and saves to clipboard. you will get notification click on it and save the file or again do changes required.

Regularly use Easy Shortcut keys in Windows

Windows Keyboard shortcutFunctions in Windows
Windows key + VClipboard history
Windows key + COpen Cortana for voice input
Windows key + SOpen Search
Windows key + IOpen Settings
Windows key + AOpen Action Center
Windows key + XOpen Quick Link menu
Windows key + Left arrowSnap active window to the left
Windows key + Right arrowSnap active window to the right
Windows key + Up arrowMaximize the current window
Windows key + Down arrowMinimize or remove current window
Windows key+ Ctrl + DCreate a new virtual desktop
Windows key+ Ctrl + Left arrowCycle virtual desktops to the left
Windows key+ Ctrl + Right arrowCycle virtual desktops to the right
Windows key + TABAccess all desktops and apps in Task View
Windows key+ GOpen Game bar
Windows key+ Alt + GRecord the last 30 seconds Audio
Windows key + Alt + RStart and stop recording

If Windows Key is not working, check this fix on Windows Key or button not working

Hide or Show Files & folder on Windows 10

Open File Explorer and press Alt + V and then two times H, H key

Microsoft teams keyboard shortcuts

  • Turn on and off Camera – Ctrl+Shift+O
  • Mute ON and Mute off of Microphone – Ctrl+Shift+O
  • To search files quickly – Ctrl +6

How to resize images on windows 10?

Windows 10 has two built in app : Photo app and paint

  • Open file explorer, Right click on the image which you need to resize the image.
  • Click on Open with option choose Photo app
  • Click on the three dots right to the corner of the application
  • click on resize
  • Resize image has three different options
    • Small 0.25 MP
    • Medium 2MP
    • Large 4MP

Choose the size you want and save the resize image on Windows.

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