How To Fix Windows 10 Computer running slow And Startup errors?

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Over the years if the computer is running slow or bootup slow, having Blue screen error, stop errors, startup errors and installation errors, always end up in formatting the computer and reinstalling the Windows. It was the only perfect solution that could recover the computer.

Fix Windows 10 computer starting to run slow

Microsoft has come up with good solution to recover Windows 10 computer running slow, startup errors Blue screen error, stop errors and installation error. The Option in Windows 10 is called RECOVERY which is under settings > update and security>Recovery. You’ll now learn how to reset Windows 10.

There are two options available built in Windows 10 to reset computer. You can choose to keep your personal files or remove them, and then reinstall Windows.
Note that both the options will remove all the installed Applications.

Step by Step to reset Windows 10
  • In Search bar, Type in Settings
  • Click on settings > update and security>Recovery
  • On the Right hand Window under Reset this PC, click on Get Started
  • A Window Pops up to choose
  • choose Keep my files (Removes apps and settings but keeps your personal files.
  • Remove everything (Removes all of your personal files, apps and settings)
  • Windows 10 with version 2004 and above ( to check version click on settings>System>About then on right hand side window look for Windows specifications, check for Edition and version), a Window pops up with option to choose
  • Cloud install ( Download and reinstall Windows)
  • Local reinstall (Reinstall Windows from this device)
Fix Windows 10 computer
reinstall Windows - Reset this PC

Note : Cloud download can use more than 4GB.

Once you select your choice of installation, you’ll see reset this PC Screen. Click on RESET to proceed.

A Clean Windows 10 installation will start to install asking for account creation and standard Windows 10 Settings.

Method 2 : How to reset Windows 10?

If you do not want to follow above steps, there is an another method which will straight away goes for installation without any much steps, which is called Start fresh with a clean installation of Windows 10. In this method you need to download the tool from Microsoft site and it is same as remove everything method which mentioned above.

From the above Method will Fix Windows 10 computer running slow . startup errors, bootup error or any application causing problems to slow down the performance of the computer.

If you need support or help to fix your computer please do contact us and comments please along with your name and email address!

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