How to Safely Remove a USB Drive in Windows?

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A Plugged in USB drive in Windows, Always seen users just unplug it without using the option of Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media.which can lead to data loss and corrupting USB Drive. How often have you seen users follows to Safely Remove a USB Drive?

Do you really need to Safely Remove a USB Drive?

In Windows 10 a policy has been set to prevent data loss and USB drive corruption. which helps to user switch to these policy based on the usage of external USB devices.

Windows 10 Removal Policy for USB Drive.

Quick removal (default)
Disable Write caching on the device and in Windows, but you can disconnect the device safely without using the Safely Remove Hardware notification icon

Better Performance
Enables Write caching in Windows,but you must use the Safely Remove Hardware notification icon to disconnect the device safely.

How to enable Removal Policy for USB Drive in Windows 10?

By default Quick removal Policy is set. if you want better performance of the USB Drive, then can switch to this option

  • In Search bar type in computer management and click on it.
  • Click on Device manager.
  • Select USB Drive which is under Disk drives.
  • Right click on it,select properties and click on policies
  • Select the policy.
  • Click OK.

Best practice of using a USB Drive in Windows Computer

  • Always Buy a USB Drive which has LED indication, which blinks while data is written to disk. Which avoids data loss with unplugged drive.
  • Check Quick removal policy is enabled.
  • Scan the disk with Antivirus tool before loading any new data.
  • Format the USB Drive before loading any new data
  • In Better Performance policy option always safely Remove a USB Drive.
  • Learn to control USB devices and other removable media using Microsoft Defender ATP

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