MDT Sysprep and capture failed on Windows10 1903

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You will Learn How to fix error

  • MDT Sysprep and capture failed on Windows 10 1903
  • MDT failed to capture the image
  • BitLocker does not turn ON windows 10 1903 version
  • Turn BitLocker off to run Sysprep. (0x80310039)

On January 14, 2020 the Windows 7 operating system is set to retire and will no longer be supported by Microsoft which means they will be no longer provide security updates. With deadline date approaching all IT Support persons are busy in doing upgrade of systems from Windows 7 to Windows10. Easy way to deploy Windows10 is from MDT, first need to build a Standard image with all configuration and patch updates.During initial stages can MDT Sysprep and capture failed?

With Latest build of Windows 10 build 1903 covers all patches and require less time to build the computer. So we started to Install a fresh Windows 10 build 1903 on Dell Latitude 5490 and updated with the latest windows patches, as this version has lesser patches to update and require few minutes.

Next Step to capture the image from MDT(Microsoft Deployment Toolkit), MDT Sysprep and capture failed to capture the image and an error occurred as shown below

Forums and blogs provided different solution but those suggested solutions does not work on Windows 10 build 1903. I continue further investigating on the problem found that Bitlocker was creating the problem. If you look at BitLocker settings in control panel it always show up that BitLocker is OFF and does not encrypt the disk.

MDT Sysprep and capture failed _BitLocker OFF

Fix MDT Sysprep and capture failed on Windows 10 1903, with BitLocker to turn ON, follow below steps

  • Open the cmd or command prompt with Administrative access
  • Type command            manage-bde -off C:
  • Check the status       manage-bde -status

you should screen as shown below

Turn BitLocker off to run Sysprep. (0x80310039)

Important note:Β  Windows 10 has built-in apps which have to be removed while building image for a corporate laptops or desktops. Apps like one-note,Skype, Xbox …

Here the list of apps need to remove, If you Copy & Paste on an elevated PS (Powershell)will work.

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