How To Export saved passwords from Internet Explorer in Windows 10

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If you wants to export saved passwords from internet explorer in Windows 10 to a new machine of Windows 11. You could done using export and import tool. These tools can only only export bookmarks, history and favorite.

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The user rarely used edge browser all credential saved in internet explorer. Internet explorer saves all web credentials in this location Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsCredential ManagerWeb Credentials

Many blogs written same solutions but there is no exact fix for this problem. Few tech sites suggest to use third party free tools like VaultPasswordView and IE pass View, they don’t work on Windows 10 & 11 and also few contain virus alerts.

The solution to fix this problem is creating a browser profile on Microsoft edge. Again there is one challenge you will find is that on edge it will not allow you to create user profile, as it points to enable account under SettingsAccountsAccess work or School. To enable the account you need to enable Sync your settings SettingsAccountsAccess work or SchoolSync your settings

Sync your settings - Windows 10

Few sites suggest to do registry changes and also change in GPO settings in the local machine, do not apply any kind of changes as this won’t really work. any changes to registry can corrupt your Windows 10 OS and have to do Windows reset.

How to fix Sync your settings in Windows 10 or Windows 11 ?

Download the Edge Browser from Microsoft site save the file and run the exe file, The Edge application opens up with message Welcome to new Microsoft Edge, click on Get Started.

Next step is very important, shows up a Window See your favorites, passwords, history and more on any device Ensure toggle button is Turned ON (blue saying Yes)


once the profile created, Synchronization of favorites, passwords, history begins, All the passwords saved on Internet explorer will shown in Edge browser. Don’t get confuse between Browser profile and Windows user profile

If you do not have Microsoft account, you can create account in

The final step is you can import or Export saved passwords from Internet Explorer in Windows 10

Go to profile settings : edge://settings/passwords

click on passwords> click on three dots ( saved passwords) – refer the image

import or  Export saved passwords from Internet Explorer in Windows 10

I hope this helps to export your save passwords to a different computer or to a CSV file, if you still face problem please contact us or comment below this blog post, will definitely help you to fix the problem.

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