Successful Methods for Recovering Lost Data

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Everyday we have been getting request how to recover the lost data from computers, Phones,Applications and files.Each time we need to follow different Methods for Recovering Lost Data.So I have decided to share those successful Methods for Recovering Lost data.

How To Recover Excel data from an unsaved file?

In a rush or system hang can cause files closed without saving it. This can cause a huge work unsaved and cause a lot of data loss and re-doing the same is as not much interest as in first level.Windows has always been caching the files but never work when we really want to recover the data from cache files which resides in temp folders.

In Office 2016 version a feature has been introduced where the data in Excel files are auto-saved in unsaved folder Auto recover file location resides in C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalMicrosoftOfficeUnsavedFiles. By default this feature works only after certain amount time set. So let us turn on the Auto Recover feature in Excelย .

  1. In the search Bar type in Excel, then open excel application.
  2. Go to “File” > “More” > “Options”.
  3. Click on Save  Tick the boxes of “Save Auto Recover information every * minutes” and Keep the last auto-saved version if closed without saving
  4. Click OK to save your settings.
Recover Excel data from an unsaved file-Successful Methods for Recovering Lost Data
Save Auto Recover information every * minutes” and Keep the last auto-saved version if closed without saving

How to Recover emails from Corrupted OST and PST Files in Outlook?

You have a outlook OST File and want to convert emails into a PST File. you can do this While your outlook connected to your mail servers. But there could a situation where your email server not reachable or a situation where your account has been disabled. With your Offline OST File can convert to PST file using Email Converter.

PST files which are added to outlook can get corrupted if outlook is not properly closed or any emails have malware infected and can cause PST corrupted.

I have tested this one tool which recovers corrupted PST file and can convert OST file to PST. if you need your emails to be in PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, can also be converted.

Download this software OST-PST-RECOVERY TOOL and install on your PC. Browse the path of corrupted PST file and run the tool. Tool is protected by password, Enter password as Rec0very#Emai15&

This will recover your corrupted PST, OST files and also gives output file format to MSG, EML, MBOX,

Hope this Successful Methods for Recovering Lost Data would have helped to recover your data

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